Abilities Unlimited Team Treated To Christmas Luncheon

Christmas Eve, December 24, 2015 – The employees of Abilities Unlimited, an organization which supports the country’s disabled and is partially financed through the sales of their ceramic craftwork, were treated to their Annual Appreciation Christmas Luncheon on Friday by Perfec-Tone.

Perfec-Tone, an established company offering professional skin care solutions, has hosted the luncheon for over 20 years and ensures that the employees of Abilities Unlimited are shown appreciation and value through personalized gifts and donations.

Helping Bahama’s Disabled Community

Abilities Unlimited was created by the Bahamas Council for the Handicapped in 1974 to support the country’s disabled community. Seventeen people are employed at the Dolphin Drive headquarters with disabilities ranging from the mentally-challenged, head-injured, and hearing and speech impaired. The employees make ceramic crafts such as planters, vases, figurines, souvenir items, salt and pepper shakers, Junkanooo cups, plates, and saucers. They also repair and resell donated furniture.

Partially financed by their own sales, they also receive Grant-in-Aid from the community; however, says Perfec-Tone’s Chief Executive Officer, Arron Pinder, it is barely enough to keep the lights on. “We should encourage our friends and family to purchase ceramics from here as presents to support the disabled and the enormous efforts they put into their work,” he said after Friday’s luncheon. “It’s really encouraging to stop by and feel such tremendous energy. We all hug and share a lot of laughs in our short time here.”

For more information and ways to contribute, call (242) 603-SKIN or visit facebook.com/PerfecToneSkin.